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Difficulty Levels

The difficulty level of a project indicates on a scale of 1-10 how hard it was for me to build and how hard it might be for you depending on your experience. It’s not very precise, just a relative measure.

You will get more satisfaction from your work if you dig in and learn some things for yourself instead of having someone hold your hand. Sometimes it’s better to take the longer path because you’ll learn more. If you want to build a significant project, you may need to:

  • Learn how to read datasheets.
  • Find where to buy components and any hardware you’ll need.
  • Read the code to understand it. I try to comment my code quite a bit, but you’ll still have to read it carefully to gain true understanding.
  • Learn how to use Google to find things. I’m sometimes amazed at how many people act as if search engines do not exist.

Best of luck in your experimentation, and we hope that the projects in the nootropic design Project Lab help you learn!