RGB Matrix Backpack Kit


A convenient Arduino based “backpack” board for Adafruit 16×32 and 32×32 RGB LED Matrix Panels

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You can easily program the board using the Arduino IDE. As you can see from the video below, it’s possible to create great color animations, completely in Arduino programming!

To program the board, you’ll need a USB-Serial adapter or cable to connect to the board’s 6-pin serial connector and a USB to serial cable or adapter like the FTDI Friend. Or you can program the ATMega328 chip using your Arduino board and move the chip to the RGB Matrix Backpack for testing.

The board snaps onto the back of the panel and provides power to the panel through the terminal block connections. The board should be powered by a 5V regulated power adapter that can deliver up to 2A. A suitable power adapter is available in our store.

Soldering required. Adafruit RGB Matrix Panel required and NOT included. Power adapter NOT included.

Also available fully assembled and tested.

See full product details and detailed assembly instructions.

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Weight 1 oz
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16×32, 32×32