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This Audio Hacker project is similar to the 12-bit Sampler, but divides the Audio Hacker SRAM into 4 banks so that you can record and play back 4 different samples. To make the hardware setup easy, we’re using the DJ Shield because it has 5 buttons. The 4 memory banks are assigned to the 4 samples like this:


You don’t have to use the DJ Shield if you put 5 buttons on a breadboard. The assignments should be:
Record button = D5
Sample 0 button = D6
Sample 1 button = D4
Sample 2 button = D3
Sample 3 button = D2

Load the Audio Hacker example sketch File->Examples->Audio Hacker->MultiSampler_12bit.
To record a sample, press and hold the record button down, then hold down a sample button to record it. Release the sample button when done recording, or if you exhaust the memory size for that sample, the output will stop. To play a sample, press and hold the sample button on which the sample was recorded. Now you can record and play back 4 different audio samples in the SRAM!