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    I’ve few questions on Lumazoid, before purchasing it.

    can I use 2812B 144 led strip per meter ? (modifying parameter in the SW ?)
    if yes, can I divide by 2 or 4 the strip length and modify parameter to pilot it ?

    when using a 2812B 60led/meter
    can I modify parameter in the SW so as to pilot in parallel 6 strip of 30cm each ? (means 30 leds per strip) ?

    Thank for your feed back





    So sorry for the slow response — for some reason I was not getting the notification emails for my support forum.
    Yes, you can use a 144 LED per meter strip if you adjust the software slightly. It’s pretty easy.
    You can drive multiple strips in parallel as long as you want them to show the same thing. Is that what you are asking?



    Sorry to bother, but what do you mean by adjust the software slightly? I understand how to select 60, 120 and 180… I too wish to use a 144led strip…



    What I mean is that a small change to the software allows the visualizations to use 144 LEDs instead of 60, 120, or 180. If you purchase a Lumazoid and want to use it with 144, just let me know and I’ll change the software.




    I hope you see this post. Well I know very little about programming; and that did not stop me from diving head first into the Lumazoid you posted on Github…..many many thanks for posting it.

    I am very familiar with where things are, wrote a serial port dump when in #debug compile. I am using Atmel Studio 7 so I can track into the library parts of the code and all sorts of stuff I learned so painfully about and do not comprehend.

    By futzing around I could get it to do 144 LED but something about going higher is not working for me. If you could make a deposit of Lumazoid on Github that does 300 LED’s maybe I can reverse engineer that.

    Again thanks for the customer support Michael.



    The Lumazoid can support up to 180 LEDs, but no more. There is not enough memory to control 300 LEDs. Each LED requires 3 bytes of memory (one for each color).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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