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    Is there any way to send direct commands through an Arduino to change pattern modes and color? I looked through the Arduino code and it looks like it works similar to the buttons on the Lumizoid controller. I am using a third-party control system (Crestron) to interface to the controller and was considering relays for the pattern change but I cannot get feedback to tell what mode it’s in. For example, I need to add controls to my touch panel for direct mode changes with specific names and maybe even colors too. Any help would be appreciated!



    Yes, it can be done. You’d need to implement a serial communication interface between the Lumazoid and another Arduino. The Lumazoid is really just an Arduino Uno. The 6-pin connector at the top of the Lumazoid board is for serial programming with an FTDI adapter if you want to change the code on it. The pinout is standard, just google for “FTDI pinout”.

    So a solution could be built where the Lumazoid listens for serial input occasionally (this would interrupt the constant reading of the audio input). The Lumazoid could also write to serial telling you what mode it’s in.

    Probably a simpler approach is to use the A2 and A3 pins that are broken out to pads. You could use one for additional input, giving different analog values that have different meanings.

    I guess it’s not that easy… 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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