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    hi, first – great project! ty very much!

    i have some qusetions about the video experimentor

    1.i saw that the VE will only work with the seeduino – but i saw pepole talking about using arduino uno – will it work on uno or just on seeduino – is there any change?

    2.can i use with other connection – like getting data from BT or ethernet connection and use it along with the VE (i saw that you answered that you cant use connection of interupt with the VE? )
    can i use sensor of GPS along with the VE?

    thank you!


    1) Why do you think the VE only works with the seeduino? The product page clearly states that it is designed for Uno and Duemilanove.

    2) Yes, it is tricky to use interrupt-driven devices in conjunction with the VE, but it may be possible depending on how you code it. You can read the serial port by using the pollserial library. There are examples of pollserial with the VE library. As for GPS, see this project:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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