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    I am working on my first game on the Hackvision and hacking my way through the examples and experimenting with the libraries to get things working. I am strictly a Linux guy so I have been using Image2code on my windoze box at work to work out my bitmaps. Anyone know of anything to do it on a linux box? Or for that matter, anyone know how to code it by hand? I have been using graph paper to design my bitmaps so doing it by hand might be a fun challenge. Not much in the way of signs of life but hopefully that will change some… I bet there are some closet hackers hacking the Hackvision out there somewhere.

    Mike Malone


    Image2Code runs perfectly on the stable version of Wine under Ubuntu 11.04. Tile Studio runs on Wine also. Plotting vertices by hand on graph paper satisfies my need for “old school” 8 bit shenanigans so I am off to the races.

    I have my player bitmap on the screen and moving in conjunction with the controller, now I am working on some simple physics for acceleration and deceleration. Well, it’s off to my paying job now… hopefully some others will chime in here. Surely this forum is not where ideas go to die is it? This isn’t God’s waiting room I hope.



    Glad to hear that Image2Code runs on Linux. Like I had said in email before, I had simply used a work PC to do my bitmap work, and I use a Mac for all development. I had spent some time looking for a tool to do the work, but didn’t really find any.

    Obviously this forum doesn’t get a lot of traffic. There are only a few hundred Hackvisions out there, so it’s just not a huge community…

    Submitting new games does help get some attention though, so let me know when you’ve got a cool game and I’ll do all the work to publish!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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