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    Hi everyone,

    in the echo example there is this line of code:

    echo = echo >> 1; // attenuate echo

    What does it mean? Does it attentuate the echo by bitshifting it?

    If so, how can I decrease the echo in smaller steps?

    Best, Max


    Yes, it reduces the amplitude of the echo signal by half. Shifting to the right by one bit is division by 2. It’s the same as:

    echo = echo / 2;

    but faster.

    You can try reducing by a smaller amount, but it will require expensive math operations. If the math takes too long, the code doesn’t have enough time to run.

    Try dividing by 1.5:

    echo = ((echo >> 1) + echo) >> 1;

    This is the average of echo and echo/2, which is effectively echo/1.5. I’m not sure how many cycles this operation will take, so you might want to reduce your sample rate to give the loop more time.


    Thank you Michael. This works great for my needs. What does cycles in this context mean?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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