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    Hi am trying to capture with the VE board. I have tried to install the TVout-ve library and am having problems as files were not found. These a\re needed in the new library spec. I have copied the files from TVout (non ve) and the library now imports. However I am now getting an error saying class TVout has no member named capture (resume also). can anyone help please. Does anyone have a copy of TVout-ve that works with the new specifications?


    You can install the library by just dropping the TVout folder in your Arduino libraries folder. The file is not required by Arduino to use a library. Make sure you do not have the original TVout library installed there. Your error indicates it is finding the original TVout.

    So, in Arduino/libraries:

    ├── TVout.cpp
    ├── TVout.h
    ├── TVoutPrint.cpp
    ├── examples
    │   ├── ClosedCaptions
    │   ├── DemoNTSC
    │   ├── DemoPAL
    │   ├── EdgeDetection
    │   ├── ExtractCaptionWords
    │   ├── NTSCserialTerm
    │   ├── ObjectTracking
    │   ├── OverlayDemo
    │   ├── TVBlaster
    │   ├── VideoFrameCapture
    │   └── VideoMIDI
    ├── keywords.txt
    ├── spec
    │   ├── asm_macros.h
    │   ├── hardware_setup.h
    │   └── video_properties.h
    ├── version\ history.txt
    ├── video_gen.cpp
    └── video_gen.h

    (sorry, this library is over 10 years old, long before the newer specs)

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    I have tried this. It just comes up with invalid library when I try to use it.
    any ideas?

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