chaining two lengths of 120 leds in parallel

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    Is their anything preventing me from having two strips of 120 led or two strips of 180 Leds other than amperage? If say I had a 5V 10A powersupply feeding into the lumazoid could i connect two strips in parallel and have the visualization mirrored?

    I have just ordered a lumazoid from a UK supplier CoolComponents so want to get everything in place for when it arrives.

    Any home brew visualizations that can be flashed to the device? the existing 8 seem a tad limited compared to some of the other Led controllers out there.


    Yes, you can absolutely connect another LED strip to the same connections and the same visualization will be displayed on each strip. As long as you provide enough current for all the LEDs, this works fine.

    I don’t have any more visualizations, but I’m interested in which other LED controllers you are referring to. As far as I know, the Lumazoid is far and away the best music-reactive LED controller. I know of only one other, and it is far more expensive.


    Awesome I’ll probably end up chaining three 180 led strips as ive just ordered a 40a power supply 🙂

    Not trying to have a dig at all, your device is by the far the best off the shelf controller i could find the VIVI is far too expensive and hard to get hold of, but i was referring more to the home brew stuff such as pysceled using a raspberry pi and an arduino in colaberation.

    vrondakis Dirty leds

    another project using a raspberry pi and an arduino (love the effects on this one)

    I’ve not received mine yet so not had chance to experiment with it, perhaps the video just didn’t do it justice.

    quick question, would having two different controllers connected to the data input totally screw things up. Thinking about having a background colour fade going with the sound reactive controller working in conjunction with them.


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