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    Hello, I’m from Brazil.
    Bought a Defusable Clock … just arrived …
    we are very happy, I would make two more changes.
    1. start the countdown in 3min or to program the countdown.
    2. end of the random mode to disarm wires, one wire disarms, and two other bursts do nothing. because I want to make a case with the fake bomb and must cut off or always the same wire.

    you guys can do this great favor to us?
    thank you


    Have you looked at the code available here:

    It is not difficult to modify the code. To change the countdown duration, just change the declaration of COUNTDOWN_DURATION.

    To change the pins for detonate/defuse, change these lines at the beginning of the function countdown():

      // assign random pins
    defusePin = random(WIRE_1, (WIRE_4+1));
    detPin = defusePin;
    while (detPin == defusePin) {
    detPin = random(WIRE_1, (WIRE_4+1));

    For no randomness, you could just assign them:

      defusePin = WIRE_2;
    detPin = WIRE_3;
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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