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    Just had a look at the sourcecode of the clock and found out, that the actual times are written every second to the eeprom. Normally (and also on the arduino-page) it says, that an eeprom can only be written a 100.000 times. So asked myself if it is really a good way to write it every second? What do you all think? Should I reprogram it not to do so? Thanx for your input


    Thanks for pointing that out. I really didn’t know that the EEPROM was limited to so few read/write cycles. I now don’t think it’s a great idea to save the current time to EEPROM every second, although I have old defusable clocks that don’t seem to have any EEPROM failure. If the EEPROM starts to fail, the clock will still function just fine. It simply may not remember the current time correctly if it is unplugged. That’s the only reason for the EEPROM utilization.

    You can just comment out the EEPROM writes if you want to save the EEPROM.


    OK, fine thanks… Thought so… I’ll have a look what to change… Would like to save the alarm time tough… I’ll post my findings.

    still a superb cool clock you built!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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