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    Out of nowhere…the game clock has begun changing it’s default start time between games. It’s defaulted to 60:51 but now it starts at 43:12, 34:17, and other ransoms numbers. Furthermore; when adjusting it on the fly we can not adjust the timer by going UP. It can only be done by going in the negative.


    Does your unit have custom firmware that you had preinstalled, or is it the normal Defusable Clock firmware?
    That is, do you increase the countdown time by holding in the DET button then pressing HOUR/MIN or by just pressing HOUR/MIN?


    I tried to respond a few days ago…and was surprised to see that my post wasn’t here on the forum.

    The firmware on the device is the same as it was when you shipped it out.

    You programmed it for us so that the defuse wire was STATIC and the other 3 had default actions if cut.

    When you shipped it, the default time was set for 60 minutes. A few weeks in a switched it to 60:51. The issues started THERE. I found we were unable to increase the timer as described on your site. (Hold DET button and while pressed utilize the minutes and seconds buttons). We were forced to make the clock adjustment by using the reverse function. (DET and ALARM). Ever since that day when we reset the bomb for a new room the clock defaults to random increments of time. Literally…different times ever two or three resets.

    Now…the last THREE DAYS in a ROW. (total of 9 room bookings) the timer has simply stopped in the middle of the countdown. Each time we have gone in and reset it. As of today…my last three bookings, I had to reset the timer (adjusting) 3 times in each room.

    I have checked all connections to ensure there was no lose wire connection.
    I have replaced all wire with fresh wire to ensure there is no issue with the signal.
    The clock is not losing power at any point.

    THOUGHTS. I am desperate and have 6 bookings in this room tomorrow.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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