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    Hello all

    We built a “hackvision” out of a Nano and an old DVD player with my 2 boys (8 and 10) and they LOVE it. Thanks to nootropic for a great concept. Sorry I haven’t bought a “real” one, perhaps later when we have made our own games on it and can give them away as gifts.

    Anyhow, the boys have been playing Asteroids and Elventure. We also made a 2-player deathmatch version of Arduino Worm with several gameplay enhancements that is really fun. At the moment we’re working on a modified version of Poofy’s adventure. The boys are drawing the characters on square paper and I’m putting them in the game.

    Which is where we come to the actual question:

    How do you design sounds and music for a system like this ? Asteroids has pretty decent sounds.

    Are there any sound editing tools that make designing and editing 1-bit sounds even a little bit easier ? Any music program that can export “text” in RTTTL style ?

    Any theory / pointers to useful algorithms for typical 1-bit arcade sounds … crash, lazer, noise etc ?

    I wouldn’t like to have to do all that stuff manually. If anyone of the game authors or others have useful tips I’d really appreciate them.

    BTW I’m also working on a fixed-point 3d-library, but that will take some time and I’m not sure if I can make so small and fast that it will be usable. I’m constantly running out of memory.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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