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    Bet you’re getting tired of me lol

    I want to accomplish two things with the Hacker:

    1 – create multiple effects (reverb, bitcrush, etc.) Problem: finding it hard to understand the coding or finding examples.
    2 – add real time control to these effects with analogue pins.

    I’ve searched, do you know any resources that might be useful?

    Thx for putting up with me thus far


    Well, first do you know how those effects work form an acoustic perspective? If you know how the effect works, then the API for reading the ADC, writing to the DAC, and reading/writing memory should be all you need. Do you understand how the Audio Hacker examples work? For example, the Echo Effect would be similar to reverb, right? Did you read the Echo Effect code?

    When you say “realtime control” what do you mean? It’s easy to read values from analog pins. What do you want to do with the values you read?


    Would it be possible to use only an SD Card and be able to save longer/ higher quality samples?


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    No, an SD card is not fast enough for realtime recording/playback at the same time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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