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    I would like to know if it is possible to use this battery for the”bomb”?.

    She is 9,6 volts, I am afraid of making warm the regulator.

    Thank you in advance.


    Yes, that should work fine. I have used a power supply of 11.5 volts, and the regulator gets a bit warm, but not too warm to touch. 9.6V will not cause it to get very warm.


    ok thank you.

    I am thus going to buy this battery.



    hello mickael,I disturb you a last time… ::) 😛

    1)If the “bomb” was not defused, is it possible to make display only “0” or the other thing but not the clock??(message??for ex..)

    2)And, if “the bomb” was defused, it is possible that the display indicates the time(weather) when it remains before it explodes?

    3)And to finish, We Can have a firmware with only the management of the countdown? No management of the clock?

    Many questions, I know, but it is what Airsoft associations wish. 😛 ;D

    Thank you in advance I leave you with your work…


    Hello Mickael

    you have no idea?

    “0000” would have to display if the bomb exploded

    Thank you


    Yes, all of these things are possible with programming different firmware. It would not be too difficult, but would take time. Are you experienced as a programmer?


    Hello Mickael.

    sorry…no!! :'( :'( 😛

    I managed to modify some lines of the program.

    but,I begin to learn the language “C”…and,later,the “C++”

    Good Bye


    I can help, but not until January. Very busy for next 2 weeks…



    Thank you very much, take your time, it is not urgent.

    That is what I made at the moment

    I deactivated all the ” beeps of the buzzer ” except the ” beeps of the buzzer ” when the bomb explodes.
    Because I have one indicates to every “beep”, it is a problem!
    Now, I just have the ” beep of the buzzer ” when the bomb explodes.


    ==>If the bomb “explodes”, it cuts itself for a very long time. It is necessary to re-activate the system to continue, for it, it is necessary to use a key!!. (To reset it, it is necessary to use a key, no deceit like that!!!).

    ==>If the bomb is defused, it continues its cycle normal,And it posts the clock.

    It allows to see if the bomb has was defused or if it exploded….

    If the bomb exploded, nothing more is posted..And if the bomb has was defused, it posts the clock.

    I am going to try to learn it more on this language. 😛 ;D ;D

    Good holidays, and happy New Year.



    I have written some custom firmware based on the requirements you had specified. It can be downloaded from

    I think this is very close to what you want. You can enable your “key” functionality by changing the key() function.


    – There is no clock functionality. It is only a countdown timer.
    – The display shows the countdown value which can be adjusted by
    the HOUR and MIN buttons. If ALARM button is held, countdown
    can be decremented.
    – When DET button is pressed, countdown time is written to EEPROM
    to be used as default countdown duration when device is powered on.
    – If device is defused successfully, countdown freezes and top LED
    is lit.
    – If device detonates, countdown displays 00:00 and DET LED is lit.
    – HOUR or MIN button must be pressed to resume normal mode after
    countdown defuse or detonate. This is only possible if function
    key() returns true. This allows you to connect a key to an
    input pin and test it in key().
    – During the countdown, one wire is chosen to enable “fast
    countdown”. If this wire is cut, the countdown starts going twice
    as fast! This feature can be disabled by setting the variable
    useFastCountdownMode = false;

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    Thank you mickael, I am going to try it



    It’s perfect! ;D

    I would make tries during the next part of Airsoft

    Thank you very much


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