is my lumazoid broken? (burned smell, no lights)

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    When i first bought my lumazoid i believe i might have connected the power supply wrong and it resulted in a burned smell and i didnt think more of it because i was in a hurry and had 2 left hands.. 2 years passed by and here we are..

    The lumazoid lets me play audio through it ( audio input, output speakers). When i connect 5v power i can measure that there is 5v in the cable and i get 5v when i use a multimeter on the 5v and ground. There is no light on the lumazoid and it doesnt light the strips.

    Do i have any chance to make this unit work or do i need a new one?

    Thanks for making this cool product, the fault was on me.


    Burning electronics smell always means the same thing: burning electronics. If you hooked up power wrong, it’s fried. The music flows through because input is directly connected to output.


    Yes as i aexpected. to combat throwing it out, is it possible to change the fried part? would you know which part would fry ( its not visually possible to see)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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