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    Jim Cook

    My 16X32 LED Matrix and backpack worked the first time. That’s BIG for many of my projects.

    I was also able to change what was being displayed.
    The longest word it will display with the smallest font is only five characters long. I would like to program it so I can get long words to scroll. Does anyone have a suggestion where I can get information to program this?

    Thanks again for a great project.


    Good to hear it works. The Adafruit library has a bunch of examples, and one is scrolling text.
    File -> Examples -> RGBmatrixPanel -> scrolltext_16x32

    Have fun!

    Jim Cook

    Lady Ada also pointed me to her program that scrolls.
    Again thanks a lot.


    RS232 TTL cable I also bought on Adafruit. I checked again and the display is still blank. I took everything off and hooked back up my Propeller microcontroller to ???

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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