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    I’m stuck on an AR project requiring a significant amount of processing.
    VE is perfect for me except for arduino uno limits.
    Of course “due” should be a better choice if the well known compatibilty issues were fixed.
    After a quick look at VE schematics, 5V board output seems to be related to the LM1881 operating voltage.
    In your opinion should be feasible if I substitute the LM1881 with the LMH1980 (3.3v)?

    In another post I had read about a V2 of the board you are working on right now.
    Do you plan to make this boards compatible with 32bit arduino layouts?



    A quick look at the LMH1980 makes me think it could work. I had not heard of this chip.

    The V2 board is the new version and is what I’m selling now. It has the same layout as the original. I have not targeted the Due platform for my products since there are not that many people using the Due compared to the Uno.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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