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    So I have a cramped space which the Lumazoid as-is won’t fit in. I found the 5v Arduino Pro Mini is the 328p, exactly what you have for the Lumazoid!

    Following the very useful schematic you have at I have it all hooked up, but not sure it’s working as expected. First, the Param pot needs to be all the way in one direction (I think towards full on) in order to get any patterns to work (I’m using a 10K trimpot), and with an electret mic ( I have it hooked up according to the schematic. The Sensitivity pot doesn’t seem to do anything in this case, though. I think it’s actually picking up the noise in the system, even when I use a battery powered 5v regulated power source it’s producing lots of LED patterns even when it’s very quiet in the room.

    Are the pots supposed to be 10K? Another value? Wiring the electret output directly to the A0/ADC0 pin doesn’t seem to work, although the documentation says it’s DC biased, VCC/2 when it’s quiet.


    The Lumazoid pots are 10K.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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