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    I just received my lumazoid and i’m very happy with it!!!

    I wanted to find an affordable LED controller that i can connect to my modular synth and the lumazoid seems to fit my needs perfectly.
    The board responds very nicely to audio or control voltage signals!
    And the IN/OUT allow to take the signal and send it back to the synth.

    – What do i need (software/hardware) if i want to program new patterns (i’m a complete newbie in Arduino)?
    – Are there any suitable boxes/cases that i can buy to protect the board?
    – Just an idea: make this board in eurorack format. That would be awesome!!!

    Thank you very much for this product!!




    Hey, it’s great to hear that the Lumazoid is working for you. I’ve never heard of anyone using it with control voltage. What is the voltage level of your CV signal? I hope it is not more than 2.5V. If it is, you will eventually damage the microcontroller. If your CV is 5V, it can be lowered to 2.5V with a simple voltage divider made of 2 resistors.

    As for programming the Lumazoid, it’s probably going to be really hard if you are a newbie. The code is not simple. You can have a look at it on GitHub:

    To program the board, you would need a USB to serial adapter like this:
    They are available everywhere.

    I don’t have any case for the Lumazoid, but am just learning 3D printing. Yeah, I’ve thought of eurorack for stuff like my synths, but I don’t have a rack or anything.

    Stay in touch. Got a video of you using it with CV and a modular system? I’d love to tweet that.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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