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    Just finished my initial build. I’ve removed the alarm clock feature and re purposed the alarm button to act as a mode change button. When the alarm button is pressed it will chirp to let you know which mode it’s in.
    Mode 1 is a static wire det/def. Mode 2 is a random wire det/def. Mode 3 is a sequential wire disarm. I left it so that when the system starts up it defaults to mode 1 regardless of what was set prior.

    Additionally I’ve updated the code that if you change the countdown and release the arm button it won’t start until the arm button is pressed again. This way I can preset the timer and give the device to a team in which they need to place the “bomb” and press the alarm button to start the countdown. The other team is tasked with defusing the device.

    I really enjoyed working on this kit and will probably order additional units for fun. 🙂

    My Modified version of the source code:

    Outside View

    Device and Instruuctions


    college party


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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