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    Here is a picture of the new bomb that I built for Airsoft games using V2 Defusable clock and Relay board.

    I have built bombs for Airsoft games before using the Defusable clock but we had some issues that I hop I have addressed in this build – most around the ruggedness of our build.

    We wanted to eliminate the random wire which detonates the bomb so in this design the wires must be cut (or disconnected) in a particular sequence.

    For 4 wires there are 24 possible sequences to cut all the wires, so with this bomb one of the sequences is chosen at random.

    We have a code book which lists the 24 cut sequences that can disarm the bomb.

    When the bomb is armed and counting down the EOD tech simply holds down the DET button and this causes the Sequence number (1 – 24) to be displayed on the display. He then looks up that sequence number on the decode book and that tells him which order he must disconnect the wires to disarm the bomb.

    To make the bomb a little more setup friendly I replaced the wires with a set of coloured leads and banana jacks that can be easily plugged or unplugged.

    Hope you like 🙂



    Fantastic build, Jason! That looks awesome.
    Is it ok if we post this picture to the gallery?


    Fire away Michael I would be delighted if it was added to the gallery.

    I know it doesnt much look like a bomb, but hopefully it will be a bit more rugged beceause the airsofters who will be using this can be a bit rough at times!!!!!

    I will take a few better pictures of it next week.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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