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    So I purchased 2 video shields.
    I tested them both & played with them each on their own arduino uno using both a 9v 100ma power source and the usb power at times.
    About 1 hour in to using one video shield it suddenly started up with a crazy synch roll issue similar to this video (although mine is a lot faster):

    as well as this guy’s unresolved post:

    I checked to make sure no solder points were touching and it was fine. Also checked to make sure all the right componants were in place and that the trim pot didn’t have some effect on things. The jumper is on V input, etc etc. Stumped, I plugged in the other arduino uno/video shield combo and it did the exact same thing only a slight roll direction variation. USB power or power supply make no difference, neither does video source.

    I am super bummed to say the least. What could be going on??
    I checked just the Arduino Unos and both function just fine with other projects as well as other shields.

    Stumped for sure on this one. Would love to get these things back up and running.
    Thanks all,


    What code are you running?
    What is your SYNC SELECT jumper set to?
    What is your OUTPUT SELECT switch set to?

    Try using the demo code to do simple overlay:
    Set the SYNC SELECT jumper to V. INPUT
    Set the OUTPUT SELECT switch to OVERLAY

    …then tell us what the results are. This should work. It’s doubtful that two shields failed at the same time, right?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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