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    I have 9 defusable clock and I use them in Airsoft games. We actually use few modification in the code:

    – THe 00:00 stay after detonate (found in this forum)
    – We config the wire 1 as detonate wire and the other 3 will hold randomly the defuse wire and 2 wires which won’t do anything.

    What we are looking for if the following, and we need an expert to do it:

    1- We want to force Wire 1 as detonate wire (we alrady had it)
    2- The defusable wire would be select randomly between wire 2,3,4
    3-=> We would like that the 2 wire which had no function to activate an accelerate countdown where you can program which would be the acceleration.

    For example:
    Wire1: Detonate
    W2: Defuse
    W3: Accelerate countdown x2
    W4: Accelerate countdown x2
    In a play if you cut the W3 the time of each seconds would be 0,5seg, if next you cut W4 the seconds will be 0,25 seconds.

    This would be a real inovating change which would give a good sensation when you’re be playing.

    I hope you could understand my basic english



    I understand your request. nootropic design can make these modifications for you for a small fee. We don’t have the time to do this for free any more, but we only charge $30 for this work. See this in our store:

    If you buy this custom programming item, I will work with your to ensure you are happy with the code modifications. Do you have a USB to serial adapter cable so that you can load new code onto the clocks? For example:

    I am definitely an expert because I invented the Defusable Clock 😛

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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