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    I finished assembling my clock then I plugged it into a power source (Input AC 120V 60Hz 130mA_ Output 12V 500mA Max 6W). It turned on an the display lit up with all zeros. I tried pushing the set, hour, minute, and det. buttons and nothing happened… I got fairly warm after about 30s. I went back through and checked my soldering job and re-heat/applied solder to my connections and it still does the same thing when I plug it in…


    Please see the troubleshooting section:
    If you are still stuck, email high-res, clear photos of back AND front to support [at] nootropicdesign [dot] com

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    I just got it and quite an early arrival and I plugged it in and it turned out to be a 9.2V but the 2 was faded. The regulator thing the lettering is brown and it got very hot. I tried a REAL 9v and it got HOT and nothin was on. I’m not a big electrical circuit person so I have really little to no knowledge on what I would be doing. I was wondering if you could let me know where to buy one or if you could send a replacement one please. Thank you
    Here is a picture of the regulator


    If the regulator is hot, then you have connected the power backwards or there is a short to ground. Did you assemble the unit yourself? Where are you?

    Please contact and tell us who you are so we can help you out….

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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