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    I’m quite new to the arduino world and I am struggling.

    I have been working on a code for my depth sensor that I want to overlay on live video with the video experimenter.

    A couple of questions that are in my head right now. Here’s the setup first of all. The depth sensor is connected to the same Uno as I have put the overlay shield on. It is connected via a I2C shifter to SCL and SDA on the UNO. The sensor is working fine like this and I can see it doing it’s thing in the serial monitor.

    Question one: Will there be a conflict hardwarewise or should this work? Should I use a second Arduino to control the sensor?

    Question two: I have tried using the code for the sensor and basically replace the parts where it says it would write to serial monitor (serial.print) for tv.print. Am I completely out of line here or have I just not managed to program it properly?

    All the best


    You are on the right track. tv.print() should be printing to the screen, overlaying on the video. If it’s not working, please post your code, and format with code tags so we can read it. You should be starting from a working example like this: https://nootropicdesign.com/projectlab/2011/03/20/text-and-graphics-overlay/

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    Thanks for your answer.
    I’m not really sure how it worked. But I added two additional TV.print(sensor);. One in setup and one in the loop. Seems to me like there was a conflict when the original program, that runs the sensor, also should print it to the TV. So one exact copy in it’s own { ………… } did the trick.

    Otherwise it’s basically the basic text overlayprogram. Super easy once I got the hang of it.


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