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    Hi there
    I have come across this shield and want to use it to display some text and images on a large TV screen. I have a few question before buying it so hope somebody can help. I want to know
    Does it work in England? We now have digital transmission so not being an expert in video don’t know if it works?
    My TV is high definition. Does it make any difference?
    I want to use my phone to send it some commands like display this text, or display an image. Can this be done?
    I am happy to buy another shield if it is needed.
    My ‘C’ programming is not so great. Can I program using some other language?



    The Video Experimenter works with any composite video signal. As long as you can provide a composite input, it should work.
    Yes, it works with PAL if you change the code:
    tv.begin(NTSC, W, H);
    tv.begin(PAL, W, H);

    HD is fine.
    I’m not sure how you will interface a phone to your Arduino…


    I am still a little unclear. My video signal is coming from TV Ariel so I don’t know if it is composite video. I am connecting the experimenter to the TV with the video input coming from the TV aerial. Will this still work?

    I have also looked at the code (text and graphics display on video) and can’t figure out

    1) how to add my own image (I have some graphics file which are png format). How can I do this?
    2) how to change my text at run time? What I mean is that I want to change it by ideally typing it on a keyboard or something and then it is displayed on the TV.



    Any knows the answer to the above question?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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