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    A friend and I recently acquired and assembled a Hackvision kit.

    We are in the UK, so the PAL jumper has been soldered in.

    On hooking the board up to a relatively new 19” LCD TV we get sound, but no picture.

    We’ve verified that the board is producing a signal at the video RCA jack.

    One source of potential unease here is that the TV actually has 3 RCA input jacks: Red, Green and Blue: we’ve tried all three, without success.

    If the TV is simply not compatible with a monochome video signal on a single RCA link, would it perhaps be possible to use an RCA to SCART adaptor?

    Thanks in advance and Regards,



    The red, green, and blue RCA connectors on your TV are component inputs, not composite. A composite input is a single RCA input and is usually yellow. The Hackvision outputs composite video. I’m very surprised that a TV does not have a composite input. I’m not sure what an SCART adapter is (is that European?).


    Many thanks for replying.

    Yes, sorry about that –we hadn’t been aware of the distinction between Composite and Component Video!

    However an inexpensive SCART to Composite A/V adaptor has solved all of our problems and we now have our Hackvision console up and running.

    It may be worth pointing out that newer, lower-end TVs in EU area might not support Component video input, in which case an adaptor lead is possibly the way to go.

    Best wishes and thanks again



    Thanks for that feedback, and glad you’re up and running. I’ll make a note on the product page…

    Marko Marko

    So finally I tried downloading Asteroids to the Duemilanove and it won’t run. My instincts are it needs a different version of TVout. Please could someone advise me on exactly which version of TVout I need to get Asteroids to run?


    Marko Marko,
    Does your Hackvision have a Duemilanove bootloader? Any Hackvision sold in the last couple of years has an Uno bootloader.

    This is the correct TVout to use:

    This is documented on the Games page:

    If you have an Uno bootloader, I may have to provide a precompiled .hex file for Asteroids just as I did for Space Invaders/Pong. Something about having the Uno bootloader makes the older games not run when compiled with the newer IDEs.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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