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    Hy. i am living in Hong Kong so we are using PAL. I like the Video Experimenter very much. When testing the TVBlaster with Pal. and the Nunchuck i come across a Bug.

    When you change the settings from NTSC to PAL and Load the Code to the board and have it linked ou to your TV, The Cross basicaly is moving automaticaly to the Top right corner and you can not control the cross.

    How i solved the Problem

    I found so far a hack around it but dont know exactly why it works

    1) i set back to NTSC
    2) in the TVBlaster.h i set W to 170 and H to 80.

    Now I reload the code to the board, and it works somehow. Okay i can not control the whole screen but i think this is normal.

    So If anyone come across this problem or has a better solution let me know


    Thanks for providing that information. Using a nunchuk with the TVout library is rather flakey because communication with the nunchuk occurs only at the end of each frame, and the timing of the communication is very sensitive. So, I’m not surprised that the code did not work with PAL, and I’ll do some testing to see if I can remedy it. The behavior you experienced (moving to the upper right) is consistent with what I experienced when developing the TVBlaster code and the timing was off.

    By changing the resolution you changed the timing, and that caused it to start working. You can also try to change the delay in loop() from tv.delayFrame(1) to tv.delayFrame(2), or use tv.delay(15) to introduce a delay based on milliseconds. You can try different values.
    Sorry this nunchuk stuff is so flakey….


    AH, Michael you are doing great work providing us with toys to play 🙂

    So no worries. i will try your suggestions and looking forward for further cool Things with the video experimenter..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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