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    hi there,
    I’m also interested by layers features.
    Can I fork it on github and try to port it ?


    yeah, anyone is welcome to port it to 2.0. It’s not on github at this point (put it on Sourceforge years ago). But by all means pull the code into github and have at it. I got distracted running a hardware business and am probably not going to take this any further due to lack of time.


    yep I saw that about the company.
    I also quit (all) to create my own structure but more related to courses about Ableton Live, Max6, Processing and stuff like consulting.

    I will pull it and put it on github mentionning you everywhere, saying I only forked it !
    Posting here asap!

    thanks for your answer 🙂


    ok, I guess I have fix/port it: https://github.com/gluon/Layers

    Trying to check your example but it doesn’t work: if I click and release, it doesn’t seems to create a new layer… at least, I see nothing more…
    any tips for me?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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