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    First, i´am not from english-talking countries, so sorry for any mistakes. And, if there´s post where this is, please don´t kill me :-[
    hackvision is great project, but kit is expensive for me. If i buy parts and PCB in shop in my country, its costs me about 10$.
    So, i want to build it this way. is there any problems or things to avoid or something like that. How-to-build tuturial is amazing. And next question : How to programm game to it? I have an arduino uno R3. I have to remove that IC what is in and put in this (for Hackvision) or not? And about librares (TVOut and controller), where i have to put it, in code or where? Sorry about that, i don´t use Arduino for very hard things… anywhere, if you can answer, thank you very much.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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