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    Hi friend,

    I want to change LCD Display for other more big but I can’t how make.

    In Git code there are all pin port for all devices but I don’t know how can I Connect a 7 segment digit Display (i2c is better and If possible I prefer)

    Can you help me?

    How can I put a big 7 segment Led Display and What I need to change in Code?

    Best Regards, friends.


    You can connect an I2C device to the board. The SDL and SCL pads are in the lower-center part of the board and are labeled.

    You will have to do lots of coding to change the firmware to work with an I2C display. I suggest you create a new object like Display that controls the I2C device. I won’t be able to give you detailed help on this, as it would be a big project.


    Thanks for your answers, Mike. But that is not what I need, I think I have expressed myself the same, probably because of the language, since I am Spanish and my English is not very good. What I need is to be able to connect another 7-segment LED display, the same as the one on the board but a little bigger. So I don’t know if I have to modify the Software. I put here a picture of the screen that I would like to put, if possible please.

    View post on imgur.com

    Thanks in advance!!


    Yes, this display can be connected to the board’s I2C pins.
    CLK -> SCL pin on game timer
    DIO -> SDA pin on game timer
    GND -> GND pin on game timer
    5V -> 5V pin on game timer

    Yes, you will have to change the code a lot.

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    Thanks, Michael. Can you give me a Price for make changes for me, please?


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