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    First, what enclosure do you recommend for the lumazoid? Or does it have some sort of common form factor I can search for?(newbie to the microcontroller scene here).

    Second, I am a professional DJ and am currently working on implementing the Lumazoid into my mobile show facade, booth, and possibly along my lighting truss. My question is, how hard would it be to add a bit of code to have the circuit “listen” for either a tone, or series of tones, and use those tones to change parameters on the fly rather than using the pots and switches? And if it is possible, it would be preferable if the tones weren’t audible. I realize they would have to have enough gain to be discerned above the music, but if the sound input has a high enough frequency response they could be mapped at around 19 to 20k hz (above average human hearing threshold). Then it would be a simple matter of storing the output from a tone generator into a bank on my sampler and pressing that sample key whenever i needed to change programs on the board during a performance.

    Example:(keep in mind I know a couple of nested scripting languages, but have no idea what is running on the board)

    these 2 repeated queries running to allowing a long tap on the sampler pad to reset the pattern mode to 1, and a short tap to cycle pattern mode:

    (did a 22k hz tone just play for 3000ms or more uninterupted) ? (switch to pattern 1)

    (did a 22k hz tone just play for greater than 500ms but less than 3000ms) ? (cycle pattern +1)

    Or even better(if there’s enough memory) have a tone pattern mapped to each pattern mode and color mode so a bank of 10 or so sampler pads could do anything with a single tap(the color adjustment, and sensitivity don’t need to be fiddles with much once properly set so no need to add them in the mix)

    Once again I don’t know much about these boards, and it may be pie in the sky, but if it could work, there’s a lot more that the dj software I use could do using that basic functionality; such as adding pre programmed mode changes to any song, switching modes depending on the “energy” level at the current position in the track, etc.


    Clip of the implementation so far for the video facade on my DJ booth.


    Sorry, there’s no enclosure. I always meant to design one but have never had time.

    As for signaling the Lumazoid with tones, I don’t think it is possible, especially if it is a high frequency with all kinds of other audio layered on top of it. This is far too primitive for that. Sorry, not feasible, or at least not something I can work on at the moment.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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