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    Great product and I’m enjoying it.

    I was able to control the different MODES(PASSTHROUGH, RECORD, RECORD_DONE, PLAYBACK, etc) and the playback frequency via serial using DSP Robotics Flowstone.

    Is it possible to modify in real-time the start and end times of the recorded sample for truncating purposes?

    Any help will be gratefully appreciated.


    Yes, that should be possible. The sample playback starts at address 0 of the first chip, and if the playback address reaches the max address of the first chip, it switches to address 0 of the second chip.

    You’ll have to study the code to do this. If your serial connection can send in a number, then playback can start at that address. Likewise you can send in an end address and stop at that address. It’s a little complicated because there are 2 chips, so I’d implement with only 1 memory chip to start.


    Ok, great, thank you for your help.


    It helps, thanks!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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