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    First off, the Game Timer Pro looks awesome.

    Can the relay run both a siren and a smoke grenade? If so, how would I set this up?
    Alarm (I wanted something super loud):–260-060?utm_source=youtub&utm_medium=youtube&utm_content=260-060

    Button Question: Can I replace the button with something larger and if so, do you have any recommendations?

    Last Programming: I want to program the wires at the top to make it so all 4 wires need to be a closed circuit, vs open. Can this be done? I know you said in description that it’s now easily able to be programmed but ust not sure how.


    To trigger both a siren and smoke grenade, you could use 2 relays both triggered by the detonation trigger connection. The trigger would just go to two relays instead of one.

    Yes, I think that siren will work. You need a 12V source for it, and the relay would complete the 12V circuit for the siren. The second relay would complete a 9V connection to a smoke grenade.

    You can connect an external button using the pads next to the button. This video shows an external switch connected:

    Yes, the code could be modified to detect when the wires are connected to ground instead of disconnected. If you are experienced with programming, I can give some details, but if not, then I’d recommend the Custom Programming item in our store, and I’d code/test that for you after getting your exact requirements. You would need a USB to serial adapter to use the Arduino IDE to upload the new code. Experience with that?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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