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    I just ordered a kit and looking forward to getting started building this device. I’ll be using it for airsoft game play but also to teach me the world of hobby electronics hardware. 🙂 I’m a senior C# dev so picking up the programming doesn’t seem that bad.

    So i’d like to be able to set the device to single static wire disarm for one game, random wire for another, and removing wires in a specific order for the 3rd one. basically giving us control between each game for different scenarios.

    I was thinking possibly adding a 3 position switch or something other actual input but not sure that’s possible or not. Any ideas? 3 position might not work as it would lock it into only 3 game types. But that might be fine as I can’t think of anything other type currently.

    If not I think I could program the device similar to how the time for the countdown is set. Like maybe just the hour/min button at the same time for swapping modes. The hardware switch would be the coolest but designing it with software might be the only way.

    I did also order additional chips with a bootloader as it might be viable to just swap chips for different modes as well. Just not sure if that is the best approach or not.

    Thanks in advance for any comments!




    After digging through the forums a little I’m thinking I can just wire in a button in and update a mode variable in EEPROM. Then have a number show up on screen of the selected game type. Is there a pin I can use? Can I repurpose an LED pin?

    So a single button press would increment the variable by 1 and the countdown method would look at this variable to determine which disarm method to use.

    Also do you have the latest sketch that removes the clock feature? If not no big deal as I can manually remove it. Again thanks for the help! 🙂


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