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    Hey guys, got the clock home, made it and its fantastic 🙂 making up a housing for it for our airsoft game modes, only problem I have is its really quiet (well, not REALLY quiet but we need to have it audible over a firefight)

    I bought a cheap £4 smoke detector, removed the radioactive detector part and now wondering what the best way of “piggy backing” on the pizo speaker would be? the detector is a Connect-it Smoke alarm and it works with a A5364CA chip (data sheet: ) and it also conveniently works on 9v too so I was going to connect it up to the boards supply provided I can get it to all work.

    All in all I’m just trying to get the smoke detector board to peep at the same time the pizo speaker on the clock does, just so its more audible. any help on the matter would be appreciated 🙂


    That sounds like a cool mod. I don’t know how to connect the loud smoke detector alarm, but perhaps you can figure it out. Just to be clear, the Defusable Clock runs on 5V, not 9V. The input is 9V, but the voltage regulator outputs 5V for the circuitry to run on.

    If you can figure out how to activate the smoke detector alarm with a switch, then a relay could be used to turn it on. Some code changes required…


    I’ve tried jerry rigging the smoke detector but to be honest, for such a simple piezo control there’s 90% saftey functions making it overly hard, going to go for the relay option,

    Do you have a prefferable relay for working with the clock? or would getting a 555 in about it be the best way?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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