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    I assembled an audio hacker board from a kit. Definitely not my best soldering, but all the connections check out with a multimeter.

    When I load the simple ‘RealtimeVoiceChanger’ project it seems to works well. But when I try out one of the samplers, I don’t get any audio in playback. Also, the Echo project does not give any output. I assume there is something not working with the SRAM, but I can’t figure out what.

    Another complication is that the Serial monitoring does not seem to work when I enable the DEBUG flag. The initial message is printed OK, but once in the ‘loop’ function I just get gibberish:

    e.g. “Z⸮⸮d⸮y⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮x⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮:⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮:⸮⸮⸮f⸮⸮⸮>⸮⸮⸮⸮Cs⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮*⸮⸮nx⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮t⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮g⸮⸮_⸮⸮N⸮*⸮⸮l⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮0⸮⸮⸮_ k⸮⸮1⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮*⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮*⸮⸮⸮”

    I only have a bit of time to work on this during the weekends, so the dbugging work is not progressing very well with this limitation. Any suggestions are appreciated.


    Hi wimbo,

    Hmm, there must be a connectivity problem for the SRAM chips or the SPI select pins for the chips. I have never had this problem before.
    Can you send good pictures of front and back of board to support [at] I’ll take a look.

    Debugging is difficult because the code runs really fast. Did you add debugging inside the ISR function? That won’t work. You can try reducing the sample rate to see if that helps. That will give non-ISR code more time to run.

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