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    I’m trying to get the VES output stable into an LZX Video Sync Generator. The VES I built from kit works great with my roland v4 video mixer but when input into the LZX VSG I get the following:

    I get similar if I set VES sync select to d9 and VSG to EXT SYNC ~or~ if I run video out of the LZX CVE into the VES with sync select set to video input.

    One thought I had was to over ride the d9 sync select with another signal from the LZX VSG (field? line?) but I’m assuming I’d have to snip the pin to the Arduino before attempting.

    Any ideas appreciated!

    And reference pages for the LZX gear:


    I’m thinking that you know more about video than I do 🙂

    When using D9 as the source of the sync, did you remove the special VES initialization code [tt:3ixtgg1s]initOverlay()[/tt:3ixtgg1s] from your program?
    The sync signals generated from the TVout library are not perfectly timed (by admission of the TVout author), so some output devices have a hard time syncing with it. I have a small TV that loses sync with the VES after a few seconds.


    Yes, I can see the flashing bars and that’s when data appears (well, I don’t if I can call this data…)
    Anyway, thanks for your help Michael.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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