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    Am interested in helping blind user with forehead camera. Instead of huge data sound spectrum from whole image sampled by The vOICe as explained on ; strip out a horizontal slot say 20 pxls high and use as pavement radar , aiming device, crude OCR.
    To see vOICe in action , Google Das Erste….Mediathek….W. Die Wissen 20.11.2011 ( yes!) at 17.03.
    See the bulky backpack required. The fancy glasses and fisheye lens have USB connection to PC.
    The vOICe is dependent on USB to PC, alternatively by Android with camera built in. It is an enormously versatile and efficacious system, but it is asking to be released from the battery gobbling complexity described above.
    Ideally there should be a vOICe pavement radar system ,attainable with minimum specification, which would fit under a hat.
    Anybody interested in cooperation/exchanges of ideas?
    Respectfully, finne.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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