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    Its going to be / do something like this.

    The aim is to enable noise in Hackvision games.

    This is emulation still, the real deal will be a DDS synth hooked to hbi_hook at 7811 hz.


    Have you actually tried that on a Hackvision or Arduino though? Are you doing all that with square waves? You can only generate square waves with PWM.


    Well, yes and no. I’m trying it out on the Hackvision at the moment.

    As for the square waves, the concept is as follows:

    Timer2 is fastPWM’ing at 62,5 kHz, mode 3 (counting to fixed 0xFF)

    A function is hooked to horizontal blank interrupt (TV.set_hbihook). This function manipulates the duty cycle OCR2A of timer2, allowing the output voltage of the pin11 to be between 0 (0 duty) to 4,92V (OCR2A = 255 = 100% duty). Hbi fires at 7811 hz, meaning I get to choose the output PWM duty at that resolution = allows to make rudimentary sawtooth, triangle etc waves. In effect, the timer2 PWM is a DAC. This is a well known concept with Arduino audio, but I haven’t seen anyone combine it with TV_out. One reason for this is that you get a much quieter signal level out than with the method used by tv.tone. But since Hackvision is connected to a TV with possibility of amplification, I thought it just might work.

    You can see the PWM (sawtooth wave) overflowing from 255 to 0 in this image from my USB scope

    Apologies for lecturing on a subject you´re probably much more familiar with than I am.

    The real problem, however, is that I have troubling interference with the video signal (horizontal stripes and image cutting at the last row), I’ll post an image of it soon.


    You can see the interference that I am getting in this image.

    Here timer2 is generating a sawtooth wave at approx 30hz. PWM is at 62,5 kHz

    I’m thinking of 2 solutions:
    1) filter the sound signal in hardware (wouldn’t like to do this, because its incompatible with Hackvision)
    2) increase frequency of PWM dramatically by using fast PWM mode 7 and setting TOP lower. I could get 125 kHz by setting top to 128, but naturally I will lose half the resolution.
    3) it is also possible that duty = 0 % and/or duty=100% is causing the interference, because they are such extreme cases.


    allowing the output voltage of the pin11 to be between 0 (0 duty) to 4,92V (OCR2A = 255 = 100% duty)

    You keep implying that the voltage can be between 0 and 5V. It cannot. The actual voltage on the pin at any given time can be either 0 or 5V. A PWM pin simply toggles between these 2 voltages at different rates and duty cycles, but it is NOT a DAC. The guy on the forum told you that a 50% duty cycles gives you 2.5V, but that’s just wrong.

    I’m not saying that you can’t do some good sound, but you are limited to square waves.

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