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    I get the general gist of what’s happening in the sketch called ObjectTracking. But if I’m to write code to do something else I am stymied by the lack of critical comments in the code and the inability to find documentation about the TVout-VE function library.

    I have found the google archive library called TVout-VE but that is the collection of the code of the TVout-VE library. It’s great for the compiler but I’m a human and am looking for something more written for a carbon based system rather than a silicon based system. So my question is where is the documentation about the TVout-VE library function calls? Ya’know, function names, arguments, what does it do, what does it return, what is it used for, what it shouldn’t be used for, etc.

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    The TVout library was not written by me. It was an open source project that I built upon. I agree it is not well documented. TVout-VE is my extension of TVout for the Video Experimenter. The extensions are documented on the Video Experimenter product page near the bottom:

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