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    Hi, I would like to ask two questions concerning overlay appearance.
    I use video Experimental Shiled v2 with Seeeduino Mega.
    All sources are included.

    1. Why does overlay shift to ve’s 3px. to the right? https://youtu.be/JpBTEJJCJQU
    This is the source code – https://pastebin.com/8A5KK3Vm

    2. Why is the overlay displayed on only one half-frame on the top of the screen?

    This is the source code – https://pastebin.com/RBvdHeXQ

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    The shift to the right is caused by processing delay. By the time the code determines a pixel should be on, the scanline has advanced to the right for a few microseconds. I don’t think anything can be done because an Arduino can’t be sped up and a video scan line moves very fast from a timing perspective.

    The flickering you are seeing at the top in the second video is timing difference between the video signal and the overlay. Try increasing the frame delay from 2 to 5. That reduces flickering but your overlay will update less often.

    The Video Experimenter is very primitive, so I’m sorry there are limitations.


    Thank you very much for quick and helpful answer!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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