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    I could use a bit of a kick start: I have purchased a half dozen or so kits from nootropic, and am pleased with all of them. Two of the kits I purchased and built are the VE version 1. I have been building kits since 1975, among other things, and am familiar with composite video signals, in that I know it is a 1Vp-p signal with horizontal and vertical sync pulses. I have tried several video sources, and have verified that I do have a signal. Specifically, I have used two different CCD cameras with composite video output. I have a composite video signal output from both boards using these CCD cameras, but have not been able to do anything else with the VE yet. I can only assume I have missed something along the way.

    The Overlay code I have entered compiles and downloads without error, but I do not see the text message string in the code appear in the composite video image output. Can someone steer me in the proper direction toward resolving that?

    I have also tried the Capture code, and the Object tracking code. However, both of these report that the TV.capture module is missing when compiled, and the Capture code also reports TV.resume is missing. I have downloaded all of the libraries that I could find, and placed them where directed. Nevertheless, these modules or libraries are missing. Can someone please help me find those. Most of the posts I reviewed appeared to be related to version 2 of this shield. Is there some problem with the version 1 that I have yet to learn about?


    You need to use the special Video Experimenter version of the TVout library. Where did you get TVout? If you cannot compile because the API entry points capture() and resume() are missing, that indicates you did not use the special version of TVout that I provide on the project page.

    On the VE page:
    Download the library where it says “Download the enhanced TVout library here”
    This is the direct link:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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