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    question from Jay in the blog comments:

    Hey, currently trying to use your video experimenter to overlay sensor data on a composite video from a VITEK camera.
    Using a Seeeduino Mega with the jumper wires attached as explained, and the video out is directed to a kworld DVD Maker 2 for computer capture.
    However, running this example code, with or without video input (adjusting d9/vinput and synconly/overlay accordingly) the captured video appears to be all over the place. I assume this means that vertical/horizontal sync is off or something similar, however do not where to begin with this.
    I should note that directly inputting the camera output to the DVD Maker 2 gives a working video feed, it is only through the video experimenter that it does not work.
    Cheers in advance

    When you say “the captured video is all over the place” are you saying that the pixels output from the VE board are not synced? Or are you saying that the video signal from the camera is not synced? The video input to the VE board is passed through to the output unmodified. It’s just pass-through. Make sure your jumper is set to V.INPUT so that your board is not injecting a vertical sync from the D9 pin.


    Here’s a picture of the output I’m receiving, jumper pins have been tested on both D9 and V.INPUT!10886&authkey=!AClq8aKKM7XPZXQ&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg

    You can sometimes make out pieces of the text and graph across the display

    Thanks for the help


    I’m not sure what is wrong, other than the wiring is not right. I assume you are using a Seeedstudio Mega and not some other Mega board. Have you tried the VE on an Arduino Uno?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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