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    Ok, I’ve been googling around and looking… I can find the source code for this product but I can’t find the schematics for it. The reason I’m asking is that I took your old defusable product, redesigned the buttons so that they used an R-2R ladder for input (with code changes) and retied that to an analog. Also moved a few other pins around to “free up” the I2C SDA/SCL pins so that I could add a few things. One of the first devices I “added” to the mix was a D3231 and AT24C32 board so that I could set an RTC as well as log events. Additionally I pulled out the I2C bus and added it to a 16 PWM I2C controlled I/O board (this was a little overkill) so that I could add some other lights for things like…. 60 second count down… activate one port at 30 seconds, one at 20, one at 10, 5,4,3,2, and 1… etc.

    Basically I just wanted to redesign things a little so that I had access to the I2C bus interface.

    I have one of your newer devices, but since it was pre-soldered, I couldn’t easily reverse engineer it yet to figure some of these things out. So…

    Where is the schematic? and can I make “modification” requests for your eventual V2 if you have one?


    BTW, for the few of us out there that are programmers and hardware engineers, your defusable clock is much easier to hack around with than the game timer pro… I’ve bought 5 of the clocks and have been messing around with them. the timer pros are too expensive to hack around on.

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    Hi Marcos,
    I did not publish the hardware design on this product, but I may in the future. Some Chinese company made a clone of the Defusable Clock and basically destroyed my sales for a year by selling an inferior product for very cheap. It damaged my reputation because I kept getting angry emails about the poor quality. They even used my real name in their marketing by quoting an interview I gave to a magazine. The counterfeit version even started a fire in one guy’s house.

    So I’ve decided to be less open about the new one, and it’s a fine line to balance the collaborative nature of the community with protecting my business. I hope that people can understand that.

    Nonetheless, I’m VERY happy to share the schematic with you and will email it to you in a moment.


    Yea, I understand the China clone thing. I deal with it all the time unfortunately. I’m assuming your PCB manufacturing is “local” to the US 😉 Anyway, I had originally bought one as an Xmas gag gift for my brother-in-law who liked the clock until we realized that it was just pulling time from memory (ie, power outs caused a skew) hence why we started hacking into the device and adding a Real-Time-Clock as one of the items. Also did some software cleanups in a few areas but then wasn’t sure what to feed back if anything as they mostly were to deal with our mods and moving all the switches to an R-2R layout instead of one port per switch 🙂 loads of fun with an exacto and cutting traces…


    I get the China thing too… the DS3231 I am using was from AliExpress… $2 per board… Somethings are hard to not use. Fortunately its really hard to screw up the DS3231 boards. You only have to worry about knockoff chips themselves that aren’t actually temperature compensating. Come to think of that… I can pull the actual temp off of one of these… hmmm…

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