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    I’m a little confused about which version of TVout to use. I bought a Hackvision (in UK) a few weeks ago, built it and it worked first time with the pre-loaded space invaders and Pong.
    I then bought a standard Arduine Duemilanove, added the circuitry for video out, downloaded the version of TVout from google (the version with added audio) but couldn’t get te PALdemo to run (blank screen on the TV)

    I then downloaded space invaders and TVout to the Duemilanove from the Nootropic website and successfully got it to run space invaders. Copying the PALdemo sketch but using the TVout from Nootropic the PAL demo then worked.

    So finally I tried downloading Asteroids to the Duemilanove and it won’t run. My instincts are it needs a different version of TVout. Please could someone advise me on exactly which version of TVout I need to get Asteroids to run?

    Many thanks!


    Sorry about the slow response. Spammers have been attacking my forum, so the legit questions are getting lost in a sea of garbage.

    Only Space Invaders/Pong requires the special version of TVout distributed on my site. Asteroids will run with the Beta1 version of TVout library from Google Code at

    I tried to explain that on the games page but I know it’s a bit confusing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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