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    I’m trying to use the video experimenter shield to output data taken from a Wiimote camera, but I’m having some problems. I know that you can’t use I2C and the TVout library because of the interrupts, but I’m not trying to do the data collection and output concurrently.

    Essentially I’m going to be taking data from the camera with I2C and when I’m done taking data I would like to replay it on the TV. Is there anyway to only “activate” (intialize?) the video output only when I’m done taking the data?

    I also know of the the VBI, but the camera is capable of taking data at 100 Hz so I’d like to keep that data rate.

    Thanks in advance


    I’m confused – the Video Experimenter shield is a chip for processing composite video. What is your composite video source?
    Or are you saying that you want to use the VE shield for video output only, and not for processing an incoming video signal?


    Yes, the VE shield will only be used for video output. I don’t need to process any video with it, I just need to output the data taken to a TV.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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