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    I’m actually having the same problem – PAL TV in Australia.

    Everything works, I can start the board, audio starts but the screen picture does not stop rolling.

    I’ve tried a few things:

    a) Tested by uploading other code – using the Controllers library I can send serial data back to my PC and use the HackVision as an external controller [with OSX via python scripts, was fun!]

    b) Tried modifying the PAL as per http://code.google.com/p/arduino-tvout/issues/detail?id=35 ( Find _PAL_LINE_STOP_VSYNC, in /Applications/Arduino.app/Contents/Resources/Java/libraries/TVout/video_properties.h – replace 7 with 2. )

    c) Tried messing around with other values available on the net for PAL in the above mentioned file

    //Timing settings for PAL
    #define _PAL_TIME_SCANLINE 64
    #define _PAL_TIME_OUTPUT_START 11

    #define _PAL_LINE_FRAME 312
    #define _PAL_LINE_START_VSYNC 0
    #define _PAL_LINE_STOP_VSYNC 7
    #define _PAL_LINE_DISPLAY 260

    For the life of me, I cannot get VSYNC to lock on with this PAL TV.

    I haven’t tried it with another TV yet, though considering thebot’s post here I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a defect in the crystal / atmega I’ve got on the board. I’ve doublechecked all of the solder points and searched for burn marks anywhere but I cannot find anything wrong.

    Before I go out and try and just purchase the board again I was hoping you might have any other ideas?

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